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Bacolod City

The city of bacolod is known as the city of smiles, home of the world-famous Masskara Festival and the very "namit" (delicious) chicken inasal.

Home to about 500,000 people, Bacolod City is the capital of Negros Occidental in the island of Negros located in Western visayas.  Bacolodnons are known for their hospitable smiles, food, culture and many adventures. Good in speaking english, the locals speak Ilonggo or Hiligaynon as their mother-tongue. 

Bacolod and Negros is mostly known for sugar. Almost 70% of its land is agricultural and focused on sugar. However, businesses have expanded to other ventures nowadays. Manufacturing companies and local entrepreneurs are making waves.

The bustling and booming city is what they say will be the next big thing. The multi-national companies have been constantly expanding right and left in all areas of the city.

The city government led by now Mayor Monico Puentevella (9-year member or congress, former chairman of the philippine olympic committee), is aggressively exerting effort to bring in business investments and tourism in the city. Tourism arrivals have increased by, at least, 30% the past two years thru marketing and event promotions.

Being one of the top business-friendly, child-friendly cities is the Philippines, businesses have every reason to come, invest, stay and expand in Bacolod as the city make very efficient, ideal policies.

Robinson's Mall has been expanding with Go Hotel beside it which is also planning to expand. Sm has just opened its first SMX convention center right at the heart if the city. It just opened its new wing as well and Savemore Stores are spreading all over the city together with Munsterific, 7-11, i-mart convenience stores. Ayala will ground break on March 5 to build their new mall, condominiums, hotel right at the famous Lacson Tourism Strip. They already have sold out subdivisions and a mini-serendra 5 mins away at Talisay City. Recently, Megaworld purchased its first 50 hectares in the city at the newly developed Access Rd and is said to purchase another commercial property soon. Other companies like double dragon and local ones like 888 are building new commercial properties as well.

Condominiums, new hotels, restaurants, call centers are also changing the landscape of the former silent and sleep city. The city's nearly 3000 hotel rooms can accommodate all ranges of guests from suites to dorm type pension houses. More hotels are consistently being put up. These are all wifi-internet ready. 

The city is climbing its way up in the call center industry as well making it the topnotcher city of the Philippines in climbing the top BPO cities in the world.

Bacolod is what you may say to be one of the cleanest, safest, orderly cities in the country. About 700 policemen make the people safe with more than 10 police stations. More than 200 traffic discipline officers keep the wide roads orderly with cctv cameras set up in major areas. Traffic lights are strategically scattered which is a major work-in-progress.

Its power and water supply has been consistent and enough for the city's capacity and needs.

Media connection would not be a problem because the giant television networks have their own local stations in place with am and fm stations, local print media and a growing list of below-the-line marketing and digital media networking for faster information dissemination in and out of the city.

Several institutions including La Salle, San Agustin, la consolacion, STI, st scholastica's have their local expanding universities and college campuses alongside local institutions like the university of negros occidental- recoletos, john b lacson memorial college, bacolod city college, carlos hilado state college, visayas maritime academy and the chinese st john's institute, tay tung high school, trinity christian school and other technology and vocational schools help develop the city manpower to prepare them for its boom.

Residential subdivisions, condominiums and other real estate developments are spreading in the city in case investors would call Bacolod their home. They are tightly guarded with pleasant neighborhoods with all,your needs provided for nearby. 

Health-wise, the MVP group of companies has taken over Riverside Medical Hospital which also runs a school. A slew of other hospitals are well-spread like a Doctor's Hospital, sanitarium, LN Agustin, provincial hospital and soon South hospital as major health centers.

Grateful to be spared from major calamities like yolanda, a highly trained and well-equipped team of disaster and risk management units are ready to assist with hotline numbers, ambulances, firetrucks and heavy duty vehicles.

Also, Bacolod knows how to party. Nightlife is well lived in Bacolod. The people of bacolod love to drink with bars, bands, djs matched with dancing, occasional street parties, organized every now and then.

Every October 19, Bacolod celebrates its charter day with the world famous Masskara Festival. Almost a month long celebration of activities with colorful masks worn by hundreds of local street dancers during the daytime. At night, several areas are closed for huge events and street parties, fireworks, music, concerts, sports events, among others. The festival used to be known for the street-dancing parades. Recently however, added attractions notably catching massive attention worldwide are the new events like Masskaraland (the local tomorrowland, days of straight partying with local and foreign djs), masskara by the sea (boats designed with masks lit up), electric masskara (night street dance parade with floats, giant puppets, clowns, among others), and soon, masskara up the sky and masskara by the beach.

Bacolod city organizes events that would cater to people from all walks of life. Listed below are the generic list of events:

Feb - bacolaodiat chinese new year festival; mass wedding
Apr - summer festival (beach activities, drag race, negros love dance, sports), panaad sa negros festival
May - santacruzan/mayflower
June - independence day
Oct - masskara
Dec - christmas, daigon sa plaza, new year countdown

Sports tourism is also a priority of the mayor. The city hosted thousands twice in 2014 the national batang pinoy championships. As a sportsman, the mayor promotes the city as host for many sports including golf (with 3 major golf courses situated near each other, cockflighting, boxing, tennis, basketball among others. The city has bid for the 2019 fiba basketball championships alongside manila and cebu. The mayor is planning to build a new arena for it and other activities. Other major events like chess national championships, a bid to bring tennis' davis cup may also happen.

Bacolod is also said to be the football capital of the Philippines with trainers, coaches, and player enjoy the new football fields being put up. That is, of course, on top of the international standard panaad sports stadium and park.

Volunteers are ready, trained and excited to help as the city embraces public and private partnership working on one bacolod. 

With an environment-friendly atmosphere, the people of Bacolod are getting ready to unite and push for a better, stronger, livable and stable city.