HometownPH is brand composed of several business entities.  It is a little more than 1 year old established in May 2015 at Bacolod City, Negros Occidental.

 It’s composed of 3 business entities – Masskara Hometown Builders, Inc (corporation) which focuses on real estate development; Bacolod Hometown Trends, Inc (corporation) which focuses on furniture manufacturing, design and souvenirs and Hometown Hotels (sole proprietorship).

The growing company is now joined by family members and friends put together to manage properties for hospitality purposes as well as food and beverage businesses.  For every hospitality product, there would be a food/restaurant counterpart specializing on Bacolod Chicken Barbeque and steaks among others.

The same team composes the White Mansion Boutique Corporation which will specialize on ancestral homes or the likes to be converted into Bed and Breakfasts.  First of which is in Bacolod City, the Dizon Ramos Museum owned by the family.

The Team

A group of young men joined forces in August 2016 to set up and start the operation of a new budget hotel, now Hometown Hotel Makati – Edsa, Luis Sinco and Michael Panoncillo.  After its soft opening in November 23, 2016, Hometown Hotel Makati Edsa just wrapped up January 2017 with an 85% occupancy (2nd month of operation).  The first branch in Bacolod which is one year older reached 88% occupancy on the same month.

The ladies who built the clothing brand BAYO in the Philippines from scratch, Corazon Dizon Bitong, Lyn Dizon Agustin and Yvette Dizon Lejano are the latest to join the team to specialize on conceptualization, branding, operations, product lines, purchasing among others.  They are now running the Hai Chix and Steaks restaurants. 

Also in the team are the Bantug family who are managing their own Bantug Lake Ranch in Granada, Bacolod City along with their sugarcane plantations.

Sales and Marketing would be headed by a former ABS-CBN Sales Executive (for 7 years) handling the network’s big accounts like Unilever, Globe and P & G.  The same person was assigned to help promote Bacolod City’s tourism and Masskara Festival whose tourist arrivals increased roughly by 30% in 3 years (2013-2016).

Among the stock holders are the Puentevella family who own and manage the Rolling Hills Group of companies specializing on funeral services, coffin manufacturing and real estate.

The entire Ramos-Dizon family of Bacolod still operates several real estate properties mostly in Negros, as well two schools ran by JRR Dizon Foundation as established by their uncle, former Ched Chairman and De La Salle Brother Rolando Dizon.

Mabuhay! Halong! (Be Safe!)

Great personalized service.  Clean rooms.  Good location.  Great food.  Good value for money.  Nice, clean… yet, EASY ON THE POCKET!