Great personalized service.  Clean rooms.  Good location.  Great food.  Good value for money.  Nice, clean… yet, EASY ON THE POCKET!

Mabuhay! Halong! (Be Safe!)




Hometown Grill will give an authentic taste of Bacolod’s best dishes. 

The real authentic chicken bacolod aka inasal was made in Bacolod City which has a strip of restaurants at the well-known MANUKAN COUNTRY. You’ve never been to Bacolod if you didn’t eat there. 

From paa (leg/thigh) to pecho-pak (breast), Hometown Grill brought an authentic cook from Bacolod’s Manukan Country to share with the people in Manila what the authentic inasal tastes like. Best eaten by bare hands and garlic rice with your own mix of soy sauce and vinegar.

The famous kansi/cansi is another must-try dish that will be available here.

HT Grill will also bring in local steak from the owners of one of Manila’s best restaurants, Hai Chix and Steaks (Salcedo, Ortigas and Greenhills). 

If you have been to Bacolod and loved the food, if you’re from Bacolod and you miss the food, or if you’ve never been to Bacolod, Hometown Grill in Arkipelago Bagtikan is what you are looking for. From Bacolod to Manila, with love.